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Friday, June 10, 2005

SIM seeks ~26 MBA applicant M/F - SF Bay area

  • Yeti (Male/Indian b-school applicant/IT background)
  • B-school applicant - applying this fall
  • San Francisco bay area resident
  • Applying to H/S/K/W/Chicago/Columbia/Sloan/Haas PT
  • B-school applicant - applying this fall
  • San Francisco bay area resident or someone with a good long-distance calling plan
  • Applying to at least one of H/S/K/W/Chicago/Columbia/Sloan/Haas PT
  • Swap strategy/ideas, information and yes, gossip on the application process
  • Help out with mock interviews
  • Bitch about how hard this whole deal is (well, may be not)
No, you're not seeing a Craigslist cross-post. If that title won't get your attention, what will? ;-) A bit more context: so I've been preparing to apply to b-school this fall since about a year now. My biggest asset has been other applicants (incoming class this fall), several of who are good friends. They helped me formulate my strategy, find my bearing and in general be such wonderful people. I remain indebted. Unfortunately almost all of them are gone from the bay area this summer to start school or move on with other plans. I still have ways to go with the application process. I was hoping to compare notes with a few other fellow applicants in the area. I would rather I do this with individuals who are involved in the application process and distant enough to be critical. Using friends from real life for this purpose suffers on both counts: the application process is complicated enough that it takes one (going through it) to know one; besides friends would most likely water down opinion. Ideally, I'm looking for a diverse group. Why? I'll be honest: I'm not sure I want to share 'everything' I know about the application process with someone who is clearly a competitor. I'm sure others feel the same way; whether they'll say it out aloud or not is another matter. I'm happy to exchange information with someone whose selection will not affect my demographic pool. So there you have it. Shoot me a note if you're interested - my e-mail id is on the side-bar. Cheers for the weekend.