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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Just realized this blog was never formally put to rest. Ok, short version of what happened: got into (barely) Chicago GSB - amazing first year. Now 'amazing' also means bitter-sweet in my dictionary, but we will not go there. Just remember that anyone who tells you that it is not, is either hopelessly incapable of contending with reality or more likely is outrightly misleading you.
Anyway, yours truly is a worm in the big apple this summer - working for a PE shop - very improbable choice of a summer internship for me, but loving it so far.
I wonder if there are any readers left of this blog, but it was truly a blast kids. Couldn't have gone through the whole experience without this. Any bloggers from my generation reading this in NYC this summer? If so, we should go grab a drink. Cheers and good bye!