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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Like a performing monkey dressed in a suit, wise-cracking with customers during the day and yelping at the yellow moon driving down the Bay bridge at night to Pagliacci, fancying myself the weeping clown, Il Pagliaccio screaming 'Nedda, o Nedda', it hit me. Like a meteor shower on an unexpected fall evening, like a bucket of ice-cold water at 2 AM, like the ten scourges that Jehovah rained on Egypt, it hit me: women love assholes - attribute it to an abusive childhood, masochism, or a redundant chromosome, that is so true.

For the longest time I had settled down to being the nice guy - burying the true asshole in the process. May be it is not so Jekyll and Hyde after all, but I was way Dr. Jekyll, where as I should've been Jekyll & Hyde LLP - how I hate able-bodied men on welfare, how I think pets are stinky and at the same time my heart crumbles like a freshly baked Mrs. Field's cookie everytime I see an old bum on the street or a stray cat. Everything falls in place now.

Women and needy men are like cops and doughnuts; the former can smell the latter a mile away. Last night drinking with a bunch of buddies, grounds-keeper A asks cute girl over for pool and then grandly proceeds to leaving her holding the cue for 15 minutes while he yaks on the cell-phone with his 4 AM girl. I-banker J, sensing the kill moves in with a tropical drink, comments on how beautiful the friggin' night was (for fuck's sake, it was freezing outside) and laments on the suffrage of women. The moment A hangs up his phone, the aforementioned cutie homes in on him like a stinger missile locked on a MIG. It is needless to go into who gets the happy ending. Extreme, dude - but that's what it is.

No that's not the epiphany yet. Friday morning was spent attending an information session at Stanford. First let me tell you: parking at the Stanford campus is well, a bitch - a day pass costs 17 washingtons.
My impressions:
  • Very collegial, down-to-earth energy - but I cannot but notice that this may be the anti-Harvard, the bizzaro H.

  • Emphasis on the quirky (now that gives me hope :-)).

  • Decent facilities - some dumpy class-rooms, some not very.

  • Unfuckingbelievable guest speakers - Al Gore, Dalai Lama and Warren Buffet - three weeks in a row.

  • Rock-star professors - we're talking Mick here, not Michael.

  • NorCal 'burb feel - families walking kids and or dogs; most of the humanity this part of town is German - i.e. if you believe "you are what you drive".
So you may ask, and rightly so, what the hell is the epiphany any way. I think Stanford is like the girl you don't want to ask out because you don't want to be walked over. Classy women and Stanford are like Semilion grapes; they could go either ways: distilled into a nice golden Chateau d'Yquem vintage or you could end up yelping like a sad case of sour grapes. I just fresh ran out of crude analogies for the day, but there are more where they came from - so stay tuned.


  • At 7:17 PM, Blogger Paa"ji" said…

    They never seem to attract the limelight in the way that the likes of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling do, but they do blend very well with them. Sorebrek now you ought to figure out which one is you….and it could turn out to be a very sweet result. Or as you mentioned, just by itself could be like the most expensive and famous dessert wine in the world ... Good Luck :)

  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger Mave said…

    love that post :)

    How're the apps shaping up, S?

  • At 8:05 AM, Blogger sorebrek said…

    P, are you talking about how woman and wine blend? Why you sly, old ... :-)

    M, the W ones draft 1 done last night - I like how they look, far from finished. I'm kicking myself wishing I had planned this whole thing better in terms of time - oh well.

  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger Marina said…

    Not all classy girls end up walking all over you ;) Great post though! And the skirt suit is definitely my way

  • At 11:43 AM, Blogger sorebrek said…

    M, I was a little too reactive I guess at the time I wrote it.

    "Not all classy girls end up walking all over you"
    That is the only hope for humanity :-)

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