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Saturday, February 12, 2005

21 Million Greenbacks To Soften An Empress' Fall

Last weekend, while the rest of the nation stayed glued to their TV sets, a different kind of drama was unfolding in a Chicago hotel room. The board members of HP were huddled over plans to ease out Carly Fiorina, the empress of the silicon-valley icon, HP. So why am I writing about yesterday's news? While news-stories focused on her performance as the CEO, I thought I might sound off on what I found interesting from my own perspective, a perspective I am sure is shared to a certain extent by my fellow b-school bloggers. Some Carly factoids:
  • Yes, Carly has an MBA (from University of Maryland, College Park). Damn sure it helped her. The negotiations class at UoMD must've helped her snag that 21 mil parting payoff.
  • I will never forget her cake-in lieu-of-bread moment when she decided to ladle out the whackamole to 3000 employees while she dipped into the corporate coffers to get herself a shiny new Lear (or a Gulfstream or an F-16 - I am getting carried away, the last one, no that's not her).
  • See, now here's where we are peas in a pod - Carly and your's truly are INTJs. What exactly is that beast, you may ask. Fair enough; in an Organization and Management class, I was introduced to the science of personality types based on the Myers-Briggs typology. Turned out that your's truly and a lot of acquaintances were of the same type. So is Carly; in fact she was featured in class as a case-study of the INTJ type. To cut to the chase, INTJs are supposedly big-picture people, they thrive on change and cannot be bothered with the daily mundanities. Such mind-numbing chores are supposedly the forte of ISTJs. Isn't that a pity since this very same trait proved to be the undoing of Carly 'Humpty Dumpty' Fiorina. To quote from BusinessWeek: " "[Fiorina's] good with marketing. She's a good speaker for the company," says a former HP executive. "But this is a company that doesn't need a statesman. It needs a hands-on operations person." So all you wannabe MBAs out there, go take the Myers-Briggs test and remember to sign up for those oh-so-boring operations courses while in school.
  • Finally, I cannot resist - some circles talk about how Carly's chromosomes were a factor. She was hired because she was an A performer, but fired because she was a double X? Get a grip already.


  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger Dave for MBA said…

    I didn't realize she was an INTJ. Hmm. I'm an ESFJ. Border S and N though. So you're an INTJ aye!. Interesting. Good summary. I liked your viewpoint through personality type

  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger sorebrek said…

    We actually had multiple video clips of Carly's presentations run in the class; several of her decisions were discussed too, after which we were asked to figure out her personality type. The overwhelming consensus was INTJ. What struck me as odd was how the HP executive described her as a good speaker for the company. Neither figuratively, which I am sure is how he meant it, nor literally did it make much sense. Particularly not the latter since there was this video in which she addressed a roomful of students at her alma-mater and far from being the great communicator that we saw Jack Welch to be, she needed to peek at her notes every couple of minutes. Remember, this was a motivational speech, not something shareholders could hold you accountable for. Go figure.

  • At 11:10 PM, Anonymous mbafarbe said…

    Perhaps she forgot to balance the weak points of her personality type. I had also read about her speaking abilities - never heard her though.

    Why is it that when I come to your blog I can see see only the post upto December 29-th ?

  • At 11:12 PM, Anonymous mbafarbe said…

    Problem rectified. This is your first post after December 29-th :).

  • At 8:15 AM, Blogger sorebrek said…

    I'm a lapsed blogger trying to find my religion :-)

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