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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sloan Chat

Following the Sloan chat as I blog this (Cannot help but wonder if blog was a verb three years back). Some observations:

(1) Oddly enough Sloan does not seem to be asking the "Why MBA? Why Sloan?" questions in their essays. Rod Garcia's (adcomm) advice is to address these in the cover letter.

(2) What if your GPAs are less than desirable? "Taking recent college-level courses in accounting, microeconomics and calculus (if you have not already taken these courses) will help offset less-than-desirable GPAs especially when supported by a good GMAT score".

(3) Why doesn't Sloan emphasize or ask about community involvement? Apparently they do care; their line of thinking is that if you really were into community involvement, you would automatically reflect that in your application. Rod also advises against 'collecting activities'. That one got me thinking. I was reading the transcript of an interview (quote: ” I’m not technical; I’m a golf major”) with Scott McNealy* yesterday. Scott was immersed in all sorts of sporting activities and he talks about how they boarded up a pond in summer so they could play ice hockey in winter. The theme of his Harvard college essay was on equating sports with life. You guessed it right; he was accepted. He eventually went on to Stanford GSB for an MBA. Passion shines through and I am sure most of us have one besides the lust for lucre :-) It is just that we don't think it is significant enough. Then there was the story of the chicken farmer who got into Harvard ... perhaps I'll talk about it another day.
(*For those of us who don't know who Scott McNealy is, he is the Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, one of the most admired companies in the Silicon valley).

(4) What about applicants whose grading system would show them in poor light if converted to the 4.0 GPA system (case in point, non-IIT Indian universities)? Apparently there is a Sloan adcomm person who has been reading applications and following the rankings of Indian universities for 20 years! Don't convert to the GPA system; rest assured that they will figure it out.

(5) Garcia clearly indicates a preference for round 1 candidates! This is a marked difference from other schools who at least in theory say that R1 and R2 are equivalent in terms of evaluating an applicant.

A transcript of the chat session should hopefully be up on the website in a week's time (no point clicking the link before that).


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