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Sunday, August 29, 2004

The politically and societally correct art of picking blog skins

It irks me that I cannot pick a blog skin without being judged about my sexual proclivities :-) But hey, I think I can brave it - here goes 'metrosexual pink'(?) Not meaning to start this off on a combative note, but I guess it is the Sunday-evening blues :-(

So the idea is for me to put together my thoughts on applying to B-schools for the Fall '06 admissions; yes, that's right - a couple of years from now. I think I have an early start; but guess what, that's what I thought last July when I made up my mind about the whole thing, and before I knew it, a year had passed already.

Besides that, you the reader would need to put up with my meanderings and world-view on issues ranging from diapers to putting man on mars. I do however promise to keep these to a minimum.


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